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Why Students Should be Banned From Using Mobile Phone

The invention of the mobile phone in the late 70’s has turned the whole world to a global village. The world has witness series of modifications and innovations of the so called mobile phone. Nowadays,our day-to-day life schedules are wholly depends on smartphones. The current generation, regardless of gender, race, creed or age has applications that is particularly tailored to their needs. It is indisputable and incontrovertible fact that many people are fond of smartphone usage up to a level that they cannot do without it even for a minute of their lives. Also, many people earn their living through their phones and at the same time help in connecting with people in various parts of the world with no stress. The importance of mobile phones is enormous and immeasurable in the current generation.

However, the smartphone has brought more harms than good especially among the so called teenagers and students. This is why it is advisable students should be totally banned from using smartphones. There is no iota of truth in the fact that smartphones is completely useless to students. In fact, the smartphone has remained the best tool for students to carry out research related to their studies. A student can sit at the corner of his room and access thousands of textbooks at his own pace through his smartphone.

Meanwhile, the helpful characteristics found in mobile phone to students has lost in recent time. This is however due to misuse and misconception of the meaning of mobile phone to students. Mobile Phone has turned to a distraction and destructive tool to many students. It is the main hindrance behind the academic success of many students. Imagine a student busy playing games on his mobile phone while the teacher is with them teaching, tell me, how can such a student pay full concentration to what is taught in class. Many parents make mobile phone available for their wards in order to aid in their academic pursuit but the reverse is the case.

Nowadays, many students are guilty of sleeping in classroom while the teacher is teaching. This is not actually because those students studied overnight, but because of their unnecessary chatting with friends from sunset till the dawn. Students of nowadays dedicate 70% of their 24 hours to their mobile phones not on the level of making research peculiar to their studies but on the point of getting more popular on social media which is no way helpful to their studies.

Different cases of mobile phone misuse by students is now rampant and shared on daily basis. In just of recent, the case of some secondary school students was shared on social media regarding blackmailing of their fellow student. The story revolves around a student who used her mobile phone to capture naked pictures and video of her fellow mate and used it to threaten her often to upload the clip on social media. Tell me,are such students really worth using mobile phone?

Aslo, through the use of mobile phone by students,they are exposed to different immoral and ungodly acts which have jeopardize the dream of many among students. Some sets of students can’t do without watching pornography movie on their mobile phone everyday. This has led to them practicing what they watch among themselves at a very tender age. They masturbate, practice gay and lesbian among themselves because the whole ideas are got from their mobile phone. Mobile phone is therefore regarded as not only a threat to students’ success but also a destructive agent to most.

In the same vein,the use of mobile phone among the students has deteriorated the thinking faculty of many students. There are little things required mere reasoning to arrive at answer but students has rendered their own reasoning useless and totally depend on mobile phone in carrying out little task or assignment given to them in school. This has led to many among them having difficulty in thinking deeply let alone giving solution to a riddle. Google search has been the order of the day. Imagine a student searching how to write essay on ‘Myself’ on Google. Meanwhile, such student was already taught how to go about the topic but for the fact the said student degrade his own sense of reasoning to coin something about himself.

The students of the olden days are regarded as the best students on Earth. This is so because of their total enthusiastic spirit they showed toward learning. They lived a student live with neither internet nor mobile phone. Library and textbooks remained their source of information and their researches are purely manual and 100% genuine unlike the ones conducting nowadays which are full of fault and false information got from mobile phone.

Without further ado, if there were set of students who studied and excel without mobile phone, so as the students of nowadays can do as well. It won’t therefore be a big issue if students of nowadays are banned from using mobile phone.

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