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Lessons that schools never taught you but needs to learn

College is a place where we are taught contents, concepts and figures geared towards a particular direction. For instance, a student studying Psychology in the University would be taught courses that would help him/her to develop a strength in that direction.

More so, college or school is from the Greek word skool meaning a place where learners learn under the supervision of a teacher.
College Is restricted to some certain items like ;
🎖playing ground,
🎖scores etc.
Education is a faculty that houses formal (school), informal and non-formal education.
Note:Education is the best legacy not schooling. School is one third of Education.
Most of the times, school makes us literate and not functional.

There are some questions we need to ask our self:

  • Why do we have a first class graduate working in banks from morning till night counting money?
  • Why is a top class graduate unaware of self-development?
  • Why is a best student in Mechanical Engineering void of skills to repair a car?
  • Why do we have students who graduated with third class and yet employing first class graduates?
  • Why do we have students who studied Education courses in the Universities working in colleges founded by non-educationists?
  • Why are we taught educational courses in Faculty of Education without been taught how to establish a Nursery and Primary colleges?
  • Why are graduates who studied entrepreneurship in the Universities looking for jobs after colleges?

All of these questions would be answered by lessons that colleges have refused to teach us. Here are the Lessons.


  • Our Colleges have failed to teach us that we are Unique: Starting for Nursery colleges to Primary and Secondary college, we were forced to wear the school uniform making us to believe that we are the same ad we carry the same potential. The idea of “Classmate” has even affected our thinking. That is why people envy themselves when their so called classmates achieve a victory. There are classmates everywhere but they are no destiny mates anywhere. More so, the fact that we wear the same college uniform does not make us have a uniform formation of skills and talents. In fact, some departments in the University still forcefully make their students to wear uniform. This is most likely applicable to Law and Accounting Students. Put to memory that we are Unique. We have different strengths and ability. We are wired different and we are meant to work as such.
  • Our colleges have failed to teach us Non-Formal Education:Schooling is not the best legacy and schooling is not complete without the full merge of non-formal and informal education. Our schools teach us to learn chemistry, physics and biology but we are not being taught the vocational aspect of these courses. Imagine a situation when a professor of Nutrition and Food cannot cook delicious meat. Smiles. I used to have a roommate in my 100 level days who was the best student in Family Nutrition and Consumer Science. This my roommate could memorize any fact and figures but could not cook well. There was a day he wanted to cook rice and bean and he cooked rice first before he later added beans.
  • Our college’s have failed to teach us to be Job Creators:Imagine a lecturer in the University who is already a professor and has no house on his head. Imagine that teacher who has been teaching in a school for over 20 years without a notion of stating a tutorial centre. Imagine a first class student of Agriculture working as a secretary. The point here is that we cannot give what we do not have. Our schools have refused to teach us how we can create jobs in connection with out course of study.
  • 🎖We are taught to write CVs without a clue to defend it.
  • 🎖We are taught how to write formal letters without ways of letting the dots out.
  • 🎖We are being taught how we can work for people not how we can manage people working for us.

A teacher or lecturer who didn’t create a job for others would definitely be void of how to teach others to create jobs.

Even when Government and some schools advocate for Pre-vocational training, they tend to use the medium to steal money and pocket it.

  • Our college have failed to teach us how to build relationship and maintain it :Relationships and networks are very important in human living. We are being taught Family Education, Health Education, Social Studies, Civil Education among others but we are not being taught practicable ways to positively influence our relationships. Imagine a Social Studies teachers who teaches ‘Negative effects of Drug Abuse’ and is still caught by his students in the real act of smoking cocaine by his students. This is exactly the picture of the life of some of our teachers and lecturers teaching practicable subjects and courses. So, how do students intend to learn basic human living skills. It is good to note that no matter how excellent a person’s performance in academics, his/her human living skills is key to using the excellent academic result.

A first class certificate can get anyone a good job but it is only a first class human living skills that can keep the job.

  • Our colleges have failed to encourage intelligence: We all have lecturers and teachers everywhere who would say: ‘Give me as I gave you’. This is called ‘Lacram, Lapour’. Our colleges only encourage memorization not ability to think outside the box. Most of the times, practicing creativity in our schools is tantamount to marrying stupidity. 90% of the contents crammed in school are forgotten less than a year from that time. Sad still, a person can bag a good grade in school on the bases of ability to cram. Our schools should teach us to be thinkers and not crammers, problems solvers and not formula carriers. Most of the times, practicing creativity in our schools is tantamount to marrying stupidity.
  • Our colleges have failed to teach us money management:Money management is very important in human living. I can still remember of my very good lecturer who took time aside to teach us money management in those days. Most lecturers and teachers these days do not have that time. Colleges like to teach finance, accounting, etc but they fail to emphasize the importance of saving, how to keep your own budget, how to manage your own money, and how our tax system works.
  • Our colleges have failed to teach us about Marriage, Family, and Raising kids:There are many wonderful things about family, but it has a lot of ups and downs that are not been taught in the school. In fact, most of our lecturers make paint marriage as a bad thing to us because their family is nowhere to be found. More so, the rate at which our old male lecturers (smiles) demand for sex from our young female students these days is very alarming. So, how do we learn through love from this act?

How I wish our educational system could be restructured and planned to address these areas of human lives
we should really not blame the school for all this,we think it all start from home, sometimes it’s the parent that cause all this, they don’t believe in the idea of their kid, they just want all their children to college and wear graduates uniform. If you have dreams and people from your home didn’t believe it, it’s hard to make it out
Also the society is part of the problem, people in Africa especially Nigeria don’t help people trying to make difference with their hand work, they see them as second class, they would respect a banker collecting $100 at d end of the month (as long as he is in suit and tie)  but they won’t give the same respect to a bricklayer… Our thinking towards artisans needs to change if we want a bright future for this continent…
Even the Leadership that we all talk about,  they never gave us the examples of children who were raised in Nigeria and now leading Nigeria
They teach us based on foreign systems,  that which is alien to us

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