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Guide on How to Increase Your Hips and Reduce your Waist

Do you want to reduce your waist and have bigger hips?

How to get smaller waist and bigger hips is one of the most popular questions people ask about online. Smaller waist and Bigger hips is one of the perfects body shape every woman and some men would like to have. Some people are blessed naturally with this body shape, while some just need a little work to achieve a perfect body shape.

Why do you want smaller waist and bigger hips?

You really need smaller waist and bigger hips in other to look good on any outfit you put on. Some of us will refuse wearing some certain dresses simply because we know it wouldn’t look good on us. It’s either your stomach is bigger than your buttocks or your hips are not visible. So, you need smaller waist and bigger hips to look pretty and smart all at the same time.

Some people have smaller waist but have small hips, while some have bigger hips, but they do not have small waist. This factor is as a result of your body structure and most times it could be as a result of hereditary.

Specifically, there are two ways an individual can achieve the desired result of have a smaller waist but bigger hips.

Doing Exercise

You can get smaller waist and bigger hips just by engaging in fitness exercises such as squats, mountain climbers, jogging, sit-up, bridge and many more. These Exercises all targets the lower body which Is the hips, waist, stomach, thighs and legs. Let me elaborate more on it one after the other


Squats targets your thighs (front and back), waist, hips and also helps in body flexibility. Squats target each of the muscles found around your lower body.

Mountain climbing

This is not about climbing the real mountain, rather it is a fitness exercise you perform as if you are climbing a mountain. It targets the muscles of the stomach, thighs and flexibility around the knee joint.


This exercise targets your buttocks, hips, waist and thighs. It helps to tone the muscles around your waist and buttocks and hence making them bigger and firmer


This exercise targets your waist and stomach. If you’d also like to cut down the size of your stomach, then this exercise is perfect for you. It helps to burn fat around the stomach and then replaces it with muscles round in places such as stomach, waist.

Without Exercise

This can only be possible by cutting down the amount of food you eat and also replacing fatty food with fruits, vegetables, and, water. Fruits like oranges, cucumber, pineapple and some other fruit will. helps to maintain the right amount of fat in the body. They act as antioxidants, which are substances that inhibits unwanted growth like fats in the body.
To get smaller waist and bigger hips, you must reduce the amount of food you eat because foods make us gain weight, especially in women.

How To have smaller waist and bigger hips fast?

If you’re looking for a way on how to get smaller waist and bigger hips fast, then you must implement the use of Exercises and proper meal like what I have mentioned above.

Practice the Exercises I have listed previously and also having a proper meal plan like replacement of carbohydrates with fruits and vegetables and also sugary drinks with water.

How to get smaller waist and bigger hips in a week?

Well, it is possible to achieve this in a week, but it can only take self-control, determination, and consistency to achieve this. Your ability to control your appetite and saying no to some certain foods is an important factor to get smaller waist and bigger hips. Like I said, foods make us gain weight and that is why too many carbohydrates in the body are not good for you.

Consistency with fitness exercises like the ones I mentioned earlier is another factor on how to get smaller waist and bigger hips. The consistency is practicing the exercises and other techniques every day without giving up.

Make exercise your daily habit, and you’ll see a greater achievement in your body shape.

If you are satisfied with your body weight you still want to make your waist smaller and hips bigger then it’s possible. All you need are some fitness exercises.

Of all these things I have mentioned, the most important thing is water. Your body system needs water to make this possible because water helps to give in maintaining the body balance. I’ve seen some case where people eat but drink little or no water. It is an awful habit that can make your stomach develop fat.

Do not forget to practice all of these, and you’ll definitely come back for more. Share this article with your loved ones and try as much as possible to achieve your goals.

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